Our Approach

Our vision is to increase civic education and engagement in young adults. Everyone has a voice we are just trying to get your voice heard. We do this through an interactive program which will push you to let your legislators hear your policy demands.

Our Story

Our founder Emma Pizzuti had just completed her masters in public policy and was trying to figure out what to do with her life. She found that, in her experience, people were not making their voices heard on policy. Politics had become all about party when it should be about policy that will benefit the nation. So she decided to create an educational program to get people involved in policy on issues that mattered to them. From there Do You Democracy? was born.

Meet the Team

Emma Pizzuti

Founder & Director

A long-time policy fanatic focused on getting people involved in the governmental process.

Vidya Koesmahargyo

Vice President

A biomedical data analyst with an interest in nonprofit management.

Jodie Fink

Secretary & Treasurer

A therapist of twenty years and a student of politics for over fifty.

Next Steps...

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