DO YOU DEMOCRACY? is a nonpartisan national campaign with the aim of increasing political understanding, action, and education in the younger generations. This is a part-time 15-hours per week, unpaid remote internship. The internship is for 12 weeks and responsibilities will include leading public and political outreach in your state and district.

– Meet with members of Congress and/or Congressional staffers in your State and District.
– Represent Do You Democracy? at various business, political and community events.
– Assist with fundraising. Create a personal fundraising campaign and meet goals.
– Mobilize individuals to contact their members of Congress in support of issue-focused legislation.
– Speak to groups, classes, and organizations.
– Write articles on advocacy, outreach, and policy

In this internship, you will create your own advocacy campaign and follow it from introduction and implementation to evaluation all while learning how successful campaigns are run.

We would love to have you become a part of our ever-growing community of political advocates!

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